Circa Sports Survivor Pool

Along with Draftkings, with their Pro Millionaire NFL Survivor Pool, Circa sports have also launched an NFL Survivor Pool. You can enter and play in person in Vegas or you can download their app and play from one of the States where they are licensed.
It costs $1000 to enter and this gets you 6 entries. Like with all Survivor pools, you can only select each team once, so think carefully about your NFL Picks. There is a guaranteed $6million prize, and this can only increase if they get more entries. If more than one entry remains after all 20 legs, the pool is split equally among all remaining entries and $1 MILLION undefeated bonus prize for an entry that goes 20-0.

Registration ends at 2 pm on Saturday, September 11 during NFL Week 1. All entrants will also receive THE Circa Sports Million III Hat, and Picks are due at 3 pm PT every Saturday or before kickoff