NFL Survivor Picks & Predictions

NFL Survivor Pools are very popular. Typically they are free to enter or cost very little and the potentially prize money is huge. They also bring an element of strategy to your weekend betting, making it more entertaining. The Survivor pools runs annually, but you can get knocked out in any week. Some Sportsbooks let you buy back in if this happens.

What are Survivor Pools

Survivor Pools are similar to the weekly pick’ems you have no doubt played before. Every week you need to choose which team will win their match. Get it right and you stay in the pool till the next week. Get it wrong, and you’re out, or (depending on the pool rules), you will need to buy back in.
Where it becomes interesting, is that you can only choose a team once for the duration of the competition. This is where the strategy comes in. Don’t go choosing all the “strongest” teams too early on, or you’ll be left only with Underdog picks by the end of the season.

Best NFL Survivor Pools in 2021

Although quite a few Sportsbooks should offer a Survivor pool, the main ones to do so are Fanduel, DraftKings and BetMGM. If under DFS, you can play from anywhere, but if the pools fall under their Sportsbooks, you can only play if online sports betting is licensed in your State.

NFL Survivor Picks

The key to NFL Survivor predictions and picks, is preparation. Take a look at all 18 NFL weeks, and see which teams are playing in each. Then begin to work your way backwards, identifying the most likely team to win their match in each week. Try find instances where average teams are paying even weaker teams, and use these opportunities to get these mediocre teams out the way. What you want to try and do is tio choose the weaker teams earlier on in the season, perhaps Week 1 up to Week 7, so that you then have the stronger teams for the latter weeks.