NFL Game Prop Bets and Picks

The NFL is arguably the most popular sports league across all sports which are played in the United States of America, and the league is a professional American football league which is played by a total of 32 teams across the Unites States. It will be a huge error to think that the NFL is only popular in the United States, but the popularity of the league goes beyond the United States boarders as millions of fans tune in every week to watch the games live.

Ever since the Supreme Court overturned a federal law that forbade states from authorizing legalized betting on college and professional sports in 2018, the NFL has embraced legalized sports betting and several punters in the United States are now betting on the popular sport legally. This article seeks to list some of the most popular game props in the NFL.

What are NFL Game Props?

A prop or proposition bet is a bet made regarding the occurrence or non-occurrence during a game, in most cases, the prop does not affect the outcome of an event in any way. There are two types of NFL props namely Player props and Game props. It is important to note that game props and player props mostly have the same metrics and the major difference being that team props refers to the entire team while player props refer to the player. A good example of Game prop bets is ‘Division Winners’ whereby a punter will place a bet on who would be the winner of the division, as you can see, this has no bearing whatsoever on any game’s outcome.
A list of the popular Game Props in the NFL:

Alternate spreads/totals
Alternate spreads are lines offered that differ from the original spread for a game. Some alternate spreads may be adjusted by more than 10 points.
Moneyline or spread/total points parlays
A moneyline bet simply wagers that one team will defeat its opponent.
Home/away total points
This is a popular bet whereby a punter has to predict the total points for both the home and away teams.
First/second half moneyline
A First/Second Half moneyline bet simply wagers that one team will defeat its opponent in either the first or second half.
Winning margin
This is a popular market which defines the victory of one of the teams by an exact margin of goals.
First team to X points
In this particular bet, you will be predicting which team will score specific number of points first.
Team to score first and win/lose
A prediction on the first team to score between the two teams and also whether or not the particular team will win or lose.
Halftime/final score result
This is a straightforward bet whereby you will make a prediction on the halftime or fulltime score in a match.