NBA Prop Bets

There are a multiplicity of betting markets available for all punters looking to engage in NBA betting. When one takes a look at these multiple betting markets, one thing becomes clear. This thing relates to the fact that all of the NBA betting markets can be classified in two broad categories.

First, there are those markets that allow players to predict the outcome of NBA events in one way or the other. Popular markets that fall into this category include moneyline bets, Over/Under, and spread betting.

Second, there are those markets that target specific occurrences (statistical performances of teams and players) during a match ether at team level or player level. Such markets are collectively dubbed prop markets. Prop markets are the focus of this article. The article is going to look at the most popular player as well as team prop bets in NBA together with what they entail.

Most Popular Player Prop Bets in NBA

  • Over/Under (points, rebounds and assists): The Over/Under market is arguably the most popular of all player prop bets. When it comes to this bet, punters are given the freedom to predict whether a certain player will score points, rebounds or assists over a predefined base line. The prop bets may be placed for the whole match or for certain segments during the match such as the first quarter alone, 2nd quarter alone or two quarters combined. It’s possible also for punters to predict the combined totals of certain players over a certain period of time during the match or the entire match as a whole.
  • Unique Scores (Double-Double, Triple-Double): Punters are also afforded the room to predict the players to score unique scores during a match. This may be a double-double or a triple-double.
  • Most Fouls Won: There are some players who are sleek in their play and whenever they take to the court, they are likely to draw many fouls. Punters who have such a player in mind can easily opt for this prop market when the player is about to feature in a match.  

Most Popular Team Prop Bets in NBA

  • Points: Most team prop bets centre around points to be scored during the match. Punters may predict the team to score the first points of the match. They also have a chance to predict the team to race and reach a certain point mark first for instance, pick a team to reach the 30 points mark first. With team props, players are simply focusing on the performance on one team only. Winning or losing is dependent upon the team’s performance.

Round Up

Prop bets are fun bets to play whether they are player props or team props. This largely necessitated by the fact that props allow players to focus on one player or one team. With prop bets, players are also afforded the chance to create unique betting markets. Players can even choose to place a bet on the player to score the first points during the third quarter or place a bet on the player to commit the first foul during the whole match. Simply put, props are the best bets to go for when looking for fun, excitement and entertainment in NBA betting.