NBA Consensus Picks

At, our goal is to provide you with the best free betting picks and predictions. In order to do that we try and provide the full range of betting offers, and include predictions for parlays, same game parlays, over/under, spread, moneyline, underdog and props. One pick that people really enjoy seeing and using are the consensus picks. Also, take a look at Public Betting Percentages.

What are NBA Consensus Picks

Although people love to use the data provided by NBA computer picks, which is built on using historical data and AI prediction software. What they love equally to see and use in building their bets is to see what other punters are betting on, and these are call Consensus Bets. These are a summary of what other punters are betting on, in aggregate.

How do we provide our NBA Consensus Picks

In order to get consensus picks we look at the data we have on our site. We enable users to click on odds for matches and to record these in their profile to track their bets. This way they can see how they are performing. What we also do with this data, is to track these bets that users are placing. We then share that data in aggregate so that you can see what most users are betting on. These are our NBA Consensus picks.