Check Injury List Before Day to Day NBA Betting

NBA betting is extremely popular in the US as the league itself has taken an aggressive approach to sports betting. Football will always be the most popular sport in American, but basketball, especially the NBA, is not far behind. 

One thing to remember when looking to bet on the NBA is to always check the injury list before betting each day. Football is widely considered the most physical sport in the US, but the NBA is always hit hard with injuries as well. 

Checking the injury list before betting on the NBA can be extremely helpful and will allow you to become more successful. Here are some other things to remember or consider when NBA betting. 

Load Management

Load management is a term that was created by NBA teams or players as a way to skip out on games throughout the regular season. This used to be just a phenomenon for a handful of the players in the league, but it has now become a league-wide trend.

It’s hard to know exactly when a team is going to use this load management strategy for some of their top players, but it usually comes on the second day of a back-to-back. If you really study the schedule, then you could be able to predict when load management will occur and could take advantage of some favorable odds. 

Watch For Line Movement

When you are checking injury reports on the day of NBA games, you also need to reference that with the betting odds and lines. You will likely see some line movement take place, especially when the announcement of a new injury is made.

If you are able to get ahead of an injury, then there is a chance that you could make a bet before a sportsbook is able to change the odds. Sportsbooks are also looking to do the same for bettors, and it’s important to stay on top of both the betting lines and the injury report at all times. 

Injuries Affect Betting Totals Also

Not only will you see the NBA spread betting lines affected by injuries, but this will also affect over/under betting options. Sportsbooks are also checking the injury reports each day, and they will make changes to the total number of points whenever a new injury occurs or is reported.

Betting NBA totals is the second most popular betting market in the NBA, and many bettors include these types of bets into their NBA betting parlays. If you are someone that plans on doing this, checking the injury list each day is a must. 

Better Live Betting Opportunities

Since injuries are so common when betting on the NBA, many bettors are realizing that live betting provides some better opportunities. A live bet is placed in real-time, and it is a bet that is made after an NBA game has already started.

This doesn’t necessarily make live betting the NBA easier, but you will have more information at your disposal. You won’t have to worry about checking the injury list before an NBA game because you will be able to see what players are on the floor for a certain matchup.