Just In Picks

When one enters the gambling circles, odds are, they at one point or another will get to hear the tales of punters who make it big from gambling. However, it’s also a guarantee that during one’s time in the gambling circles, they will experience firsthand how some fail to make it in the gambling arena. The question then comes up – what is it that makes one punter successful and another fail when they are all doing what seems to be the same thing. The answer to this question is very simple – it’s the work and effort one puts that determines success and failure.

Gambling shouldn’t be taken as a game of chance, no. though the term ‘gambling’ may insinuate something that resembles chance, punters ought to know that there is more to gambling than chance. Gambling for it to be a rewarding endeavor requires one to input a lot of hard work as well as effort. This hard work and effort comes in the form of doing thorough researches on things such as team performances over a certain period, player researches, and even weather researches on the day that a certain match is going to be played. These things require a lot of work and effort something many gamblers cannot offer. As such, this leads to one gambler becoming successful and another, doing the exact opposite.

If sports betting research isn’t your thing, there is a ready and willing sports betting consultant by the name Just In Picks eager to help you on your gambling adventure.

How Just In Picks Works

Just In Picks is a sports betting consultant. What this simply means is that this site does do all the hard work and puts all the effort in doing sports betting research for punters. Once it has done all the research, it avails its findings to the punters showing the predictions and permutations that will likely come out at the end of a certain match/fixture/event. As the site will have done the arduous and strenuous task of analysis and research, the likelihood of its findings to bear fruit is very high. This in turn meaning a high likelihood for success on behalf of the punter.

Picks Provided

Once Just In Picks has done its analysis and research on a certain upcoming match suppose a game between the USA and Canada, it will present its findings in the form of a bet preference. This is to mean that the site states explicitly the team that is likely going to win. Sometimes, the site does not just take a look at the outcome in terms of match result but also take a look at things such as the margin that the winning team will win by (handicaps/spread), number of points a team is going to score (team props) or the player to achieve a certain feat during the game (player prop). These findings are technically dubbed as the Picks. When it comes to Just In Picks, punters ought to know that all of the examples highlighted above are part of the Picks provided.  

Leagues Supported

Just In Picks doesn’t have a preference as to the leagues (sports) it covers when coming up with Picks. It just comes up with Picks that cover a whole host of sporting disciplines and sports leagues. An impressive thing about the site is that even for sports/leagues not covered, a punter may simply ask the site experts to do their magic and come up with an exclusive Pick just for that one single player! Well, just to showcase some of the leagues covered, they are as follows:

  • Major League Baseball
  • National Basketball Association
  • National Hockey League
  • UFC


Just In Picks does have four packages for pricing that punters can pick. These four packages are classified by the time period that a punter wishes to receive Picks from. These are as follows:

  1. One Day Pass: This package allows punters to receive Picks for just one day. The price for this package is set at $19.99
  2. Weekly Pass: This package is for an entire week of Picks. It goes for $99.99
  3. Monthly Pass: This package is for an entire month. It goes for $349.99
  4. Yearly Pass: To receive Picks from Just In Picks for an entire month, punters need to pay a once off fee of $1999.99

Every Wednesday, players have the chance to win some free Picks. To win, players need to follow the Just In Picks page on Instagram and they are guaranteed to receive their free Picks.

Round Up

Just In Picks is a great sports betting consultant to settle at. Offering a 50% win success rate on each Pick, punters certainly are guaranteed that they will be frequent winners for as long as they keep working with the site. A good thing about the site is that if the win rate is any lower than 50% during a punter’s package duration, the site will extend the package duration for free!