NHL Live Betting Picks

Popular NHL In-Play Markets

NHL live betting is one of the many ways bettors can get involved with NHL wagering. And in live betting, wagers can be placed after a game has already started. Live wagering on hockey has created several interesting ways to bet on the NHL. Here, we go over some of the most popular forms of NHL in-play action.

Traditional Betting Markets

The most popular form of NHL live betting comes in the form of the more traditional NHL betting markets. This refers to the puckline, moneyline, and over/under markets. These are all available for wagering before the start of each pro hockey game. But bettors can also get involved with them after they have started in the in-play market, as odds are updated in all three to reflect what has happened in a game so far.

These in-play markets allow bettors to track the action on the ice and jump into live betting action at odds that have the potential to be more profitable than they were before the contest started. If a favored team gives up an early goal, for example, their live moneyline odds will change. If a bettor is still confident that they will come away with the win, they can then bet on that team at a significantly more favorable price.

Next Team to Score

Another form of live betting that gets quite a bit of attention is the next team-to-score market. This market, unsurprisingly, asks bettors to predict who the next team to score will be in a professional hockey game. Odds are updated based on that action that unfolds on the ice, with the team that is creating more scoring chances seeing their odds improve as time goes along. It also stands to reason that the team that is favored to win the game will often be seen as the most likely to score next.

This market is great for bettors who are able to pick up on nuances in a game like changes in momentum. If a team appears to be building momentum and putting a lot of shots on net, they may not be far from a scoring breakthrough. Detecting that and getting a bet in on it early enough can open up tremendous value on that team.

Period Over/Unders

Live over/unders are also available for specific periods in the in-play markets, which can be very interesting. During each period, the total for that period will be adjusted based on whether or not there has been scoring to that point. How close each team has come to scoring is also taken into account somewhat, as the odds are constantly moving one way or the other as play continues.

Bettors need to be quick when betting on live totals, as the fast pace of play in hockey can result in odds changing or being taken off the board very quickly. There are options at some sportsbooks to accept all changes in odds to avoid bets being canceled as bettors try to place them. Whether or not that is something a bettor wants to do is up to them.