Doc’ s Sports Picks

Gambling, it’s that one thing that many people love out there. Some prefer betting on their favourite sports while others prefer novelty betting where they get to bet about stuff surrounding the lives of celebrities and entertainers. There are also others who are general gambling all-rounder – this simply meaning they don’t have any preference – whatever they can place a bet on, goes.

When it comes to betting, some punters prefer to do the hard work themselves. This meaning that they go through the process of doing analysis checks as well as match/team researches. However, doing the research before placing a bet may seem a daunting task to others. It is against this background therefore that sites such as Doc’s Sports come in handy. Why do we say this? Well, you get to know all there is to know in a few moments.

How the Site Works

Doc’s Sports is an online site that offers free picks to all punters. When talking about free picks, what we simply mean is that at Doc’s Sports, players can find some readymade preferred bets. Note though that these aren’t just bot-prepared bets, no. rather they are bets which have been researched by real humans who do the hard tasks of performing team researches, player researches, head to head researches amongst other researches and analysis all in the aim to come up with highly likely betting choices. Owing to this therefore, punters who pick the Doc’s Sports picks are almost guaranteed 100% success.

Picks Provided

Doc’s Sports is a site with strong American roots. This therefore means that when it comes to the Picks provided, the majority of them have something to do with the American betting system. Amongst the majority of the Picks provided are the handicaps, spread betting, player props, team props, match result and correct score. With such a wide range of Picks provided, punters will certainly love life when they settle at this site.

Leagues Supported

As already alluded to before, Doc’s Sports is a strongly rooted American site. As such, the leagues that players can find Picks on are dominantly American leagues. Just to put this into perspective, below we highlight some of the supported leagues (sports) at Doc’s Sports:

  • Major League Baseball
  • National Basketball Association
  • National Hockey League
  • Horses
  • UFC


Doc’s Sports offers a combination of both free and paid Picks. There are two ways that players can benefit from the free Picks. First, players upon registering their accounts for the first time can take advantage of the Welcome Offer. The Welcome Offer comes in the form of $60 free bonus funds. The bonus funds availed as part of the Welcome Offer can be used in purchasing any of the Paid Picks on the site. Second, players may opt for the Free Trial. To opt for the free trial, punters simply need to check the site for all upcoming Picks. Select the Pick that one prefers and hit the Free Trial option. Once this is done, players can proceed to play the free Pick.

When it comes to Paid Picks, punters ought to know that the required amounts for each pick differ. As such, punters need to check each and every Pick provided to see how much it costs.

Round Up

Doc’s Sports has been in business since 1971. Doc’s Sports’ longevity in this business certainly is a testament on its own to the excellent work it has been doing. Just to showcase the brilliance of the site, punters ought to know that at the present moment, Doc’s Sports employs top punters in the mould of Arun Shiva – the Indian Cowboy, Robert Ferringo, Raphael Esparza, Alan Harris, Allen Eastman, Vernon Croy, Tony George, and Jason Sharpe among others as the team that makes all the hard work of analysis and research.