Boyds Bets Picks

Are you are regular punter or perhaps you are just taking your first steps in the online gambling industry. Do you want to maximize your online gambling profits? If you answer yes to this question, then you will certainly love the word coming from Boyds Bets. Boyds Bets is a sports betting consultant which prides itself in being a great gambling aide to all punters. In its role as a gambling aide, Boyds Bets states that it helps players to maximize their profits during their gambling sessions. How so is the question on many people’s lips right now? Well, to get to know more about this, players simply need to continue reading this article.

How Boyds Bets Works

Operating as a sports betting consultant, Boyds Bets states that its primary role is to help players maximize their profits. This Boyds Bets states that it’s made possible thanks to the predictive analysis tools as well as some unique betting systems that it uses to come up with sure and probable bets. These sure and probable bets are affectionately dubbed as Picks. Punters who choose to select the Picks at Boyds Bets are guaranteed a minimum of 50% win success rate! This simply meaning that settling at Boyds Bets and using the Picks offered certainly does return some dividends.

Picks Provided

When it comes to the Picks provided at Boyds Bets, punters ought to know that they really will be spoiled for choice. This necessitated by the fact that the sports betting consultant does offer a multiplicity of sports picks. These sports picks come in the form of completed betting markets which players can just proceed to open and place at any sports book and bookmaker of their choice. Some of the Picks provided include handicaps, parlays, straight bets, team props as well as player props.

Leagues Supported

Boyds Bets when it comes to its Picks largely focuses on American sports and American sports leagues. Owing to this, the Picks that players may choose to select are largely towards the following leagues:

  • Major League Baseball
  • National Basketball Association
  • National Hockey League
  • Horses
  • NCAA
  • NFL
  • College Football


At Boyds Bets, punters can find both Buy Picks as well as Free Picks. Buy Picks are those picks that players have to purchase first before they can access them. Free Picks however are simply those picks that are accessible to all punters without paying any amount upfront. When it comes to the Buy Picks, the pricing differs from each Pick to another depending on the number of selections present on each Pick as well as the sports leagues covered. Punters therefore need to visit the official site by themselves to get to see the Buy Picks offered as well as their pricing structures.  

Round Up

Sometimes, confidence is all it takes to discern a consultant that will do a great job from one who will do a shoddy job. Boyds Bets certainly is confident with what it does hence the reason punters are advised to settle at this sports betting consultant.